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Isn’t technology great? So many problems can be solved thanks to the technological advances that are being developed every day. For example, worn out, uncomfortable car seats may soon be a thing of the past because engineers at Ford in Europe have invented a fake butt.

I should elaborate. The folks at Ford have come up with a way to mimic what it’s like when people are sitting in car seats. It’s called the Robutt. The robotic buttocks, which are based on the dimensions of a large man, not only replicate the movements of a driver but also sweats (it’s just water) into the seat just like you might after a workout. Ford says the Robutt “simulates a decade’s worth of car use in just three days as it sits, bounces and twists in the seat 7,500 times.”

As odd as this sounds, the Robutt is actually a good idea. Car seats are an important part of the automotive experience. Everybody, and every bottom, deserves a comfortable ride. That’s why a fake, sweaty butt might be exactly what we’ve needed all along.