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As a kid, my parents divorced when I was four years old. Both my parents remarried before I was seven years old. I had two houses, and two sets of parents. This was in the 1970’s, before divorce was common. Luckily, my parents got along. Well, I think they did. They were smart enough to hide it from us if they didn’t. I’m truly grateful for that.

Unfortunately, there are couples that fight in front of their kids after divorcing, and some that even use their kids as pawns. Ugh! Makes me crazy! Maybe that’s why I thought this story was so awesome.

When Sarah and David Mengon divorced, their daughter Willow was just a baby. When Sarah met her new husband, Dylan, she wasn’t sure how the new blended family situation was going to work. Divorce was something two of them were familiar with, and they all wanted to make sure Willow was happy and well adjusted.

By the looks of this picture that has now gone viral, they’re all doing an awesome job! David and Dylan are friends, and have put their egos aside so that Willow has an amazing family life. She has a Dad, her biological dad which is David, AND a “Bonus Dad”, which is Dylan. The two did a photo shoot with Willow before a daddy-daughter dance, and the results make my heart happy!

See the pictures and read more here. As a kid of divorce, I give this family a lot of credit. They have focused on what’s really important, and that’s Willow. Great job!!!!