Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Image

Daughter Asks Mom To Take Care Of Plants And Hilarity Ensues

Parents can be so subtle.

LOL! I'm too old now, and unfortunately was told I couldn't have kids in my late 30's, but I am TELLING ya, my mom would have so done something like this!

Regan Speyer asked her mom to watch her plants while she went out of town. Obviously, Regan had NO idea her mom was going to take her plant duties so far.

Regan's mom became a "grandplantrent” to the plants, and took photos to document her time with the plants. They are absolutely hilarious. The plants watching T.V. is my favorite picture!

It's apparent that Regan's mom is overtly ready for grandchildren. See the "grandplantrent" pictures here.


This so reminds me of something my mom would do. Gotta love crazy fun parents!