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Whether you call it a Cannelloni Computer, Mezzelune Motherboard, Angel Hair Hard Drive, or Macaronitosh, the idea of building a computer out of pasta could only come from the mind of a very creative, and possibly hungry, person. He also might have too much free time.

A designer/illustrator/YouTuber named Micah Laplante from Chicopee, Massachusetts built himself a computer using mostly lasagna and some rigatoni. Technically, it’s just the computer case that’s made from pasta. The internal parts are actual electronic components but they’re all layered and held together by uncooked pasta. And it worked! No ricotta required.

Laplante says his Pasta PC struggled when he tried to play video games. Computers tend to heat up under heavy use and that can be an issue when your hardware is largely food-based.

The other problem with the Pasta PC is that it has to be connected to a separate monitor. Those of us who need our computers to go with us could really use something like a Linguine Laptop or Tortellini Tablet.