Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

I enjoy a tuna fish sandwich, but I wouldn’t say I have a LOVE for the canned fish. Actually, I don’t know of anyone that has a huge LOVE for any canned fish. In Japan, I guess it’s a little different. 

There’s a a company called Canned Goods Ring Collection that makes rings out of your favorite canned fish. Yup. They have six different rings replicating different varieties of canned seafood. Why? NO idea, but apparently some folks really love canned seafood.

These rings are only available in Japan at the moment, but I’m sure Amazon will have them soon if you’re a true fish fan!

See what the rings look like, and check out the options here. I personally can think of 15 other things I’d rather buy than a mackerel ring but……….there’s something for everyone!