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School is hard. Childhood is harder. But one little girl is showing the world that it’s not impossible.

With so many kids heading back to class this month, social media is teeming with first day of school pics. One mother in Glasgow, Scotland took it a step further with her 5-year-old daughter. Mom posted before and after photos from little Lucie’s first day back at school.

In the “before” picture, Lucie looked like you might expect a young kid to look on her first morning off to class. She was clean, combed, and clothed in her brand new uniform.

The “after” photo, on the other hand, tells a tale of trial and tribulation. Lucie’s hair staged a revolution, her uniform cried “uncle,” and the look on her face said what many of us already know about the first day of school.

She may have looked down, but young Lucie was far from out. When her mother asked what she did at school, she said, “Nothing much.” You have to like this kid. Stay tough, Lucie!