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Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for BRIDES

This story is awesome and IF I get married a third time, I may have to do this! Over the last year or so, I’ve seen a few stories on brides carrying food related bouquets at their wedding. There are donut bouquets and bacon bouquets, but I’ve never seen a chicken nugget bouquet. 

Newlyweds, Adam and Blair Tyson, were gifted the bouquet of Tyson chicken nuggets (…get it?) during a bridesmaid’s toast. Blair’s cousin, Jenna Spetz, gave her the bouquet as a surprise. A pic of the two ladies with the chicken nugget bouquet has gone viral.

Spetz EVEN went the extra mile and reached out to the folks at Tyson Chicken before the wedding. She was surprised when they sent her a reply, offering the happy couple an awesome wedding gift and some stellar marriage advice. The Tyson’s will get free Tyson Fun Nuggets for a year!

Take a look at pics and more info here and see the chicken bouquet below.

Much luck to the happy couple and I’d like to thank them for sharing! A chicken nugget bouquet is EPIC!