Thanksgiving can be stressful! Not only do you have friends and family around, you have to try and get all the food on the table at once while it’s all hot. Timing is everything! 

There are some dishes that you can make ahead of time so you aren’t as frazzeled in the kitchen. Pies can usually be made a day before with no issue, as can some casseroles. Then all ya have to do is heat them up. I’ve even made mashed potatoes the day before Thanksgiving and just re-heating them. Add a splash of cream and some butter when re-heating and yum!

Buzzfeed has some tasty looking recipes that would be perfect for making ahead of time. Gravy, sweet potato casserole, dinner rolls and more can be found here. Save some time and make your life a lil less stressful this year. Get a jump start on the cooking so you can relax and enjoy all your friends and family!