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It’s rare that a 27 year-old man is best friends with his 93 year-old granny, but that’s the case here! 93-year-old Pauline “Granny” Kana and her 27-year-old grandson Ross Smith are BFF’s. They do lots of fun stuff together, including dressing up and acting silly. 

The silliness in costumes has now gone viral…big time! The two do short videos and photo shoots together, and they now have over 892k Youtube subscribers, 2.7 million Instagram followers, and 9 million Facebook followers. Solid!

They’ve garnered so much attention for good reason, which you can see below.

These two are total goofballs, sometimes bordering on inappropriate, and I love it! See more pics and get the details on their social media pages so you can follow them here. These two made my day! They’re so very lucky to have each other.  Love!