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Easter is going to be a little different this year. OK, a lot different. But you can still have fun from the safety of your home.

I stumbled upon an Easter Bunny Tracker. It’s the same idea as the Santa Tracker that your kids look at on Christmas Eve. They can track the Easter Bunny’s movements before the big day this weekend.

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Here’s how it works: Starting at 5:00 AM ET on “Easter Eve,” a.k.a. Saturday, April 11th, go to the Easter Bunny Tracker website. It’ll show how many baskets the Easter Bunny has delivered, number of carrots eaten, last stop visited, and speed of travel.

The Easter Bunny Tracker updates in real time and gives precise locations using a sophisticated system involving radar, satellites, spotters in the field, and other high-tech gear. Your kids will love watching the Easter Bunny get closer to your house and, hopefully, it’ll help convince them to go to bed on time, too.