This post is Sponsored by Mrs. T’s Pierogies.

I am having so much fun exploring new ways to incorporate Mrs. T’s Pierogies into amazing dishes for the family.  In case you haven’t experienced the “awesomeness” of pierogies yet, let me share with you exactly what kind of treat you’re in for. I am so happy I found Mrs. T’s Pierogies.

Think of delectable stuffed pasta pockets, kind of like a semicircle-shaped ravioli.  The stuffing is fluffy and irresistible.  Imagine biting into whipped potatoes, cheese, bacon, etc.  Mrs. T’s offers several different fillings, and they are all delicious.

For this week’s recipe, I’m still reminiscing about July 4th, so I went with a Spicy Firecracker dish.  It’s a little sweet and a little heat.  These are super easy and take just minutes to prepare.  Look for Mrs. T’s Pierogies in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store.  Enjoy!


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