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A few months ago, Phil did a blog about bagels. Phil mentioned his local favorites and shared Food & Wine’s picks around the country. CharlotteFive has complied a list of the best bagels in and around Charlotte, and I have to weigh in.

I consider myself to be a “bagel expert” of sorts. Being Jewish, bagels have been a part of my diet since I was a kid. My dad is from New York, and most of my relatives live in New Jersey, so I’ve been eating “real” bagels for years.

Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s in the Charlotte and Gastonia area, there weren’t many places you could get “real” bagels. You could buy them at the grocery store, but those bagels aren’t usually that great. As a kid, we had them when we went up North.  I think there was a place in Charlotte in the ’70s and 80’s where my dad got bagels. I know we used to go to Leo’s Deli lots, so it may have been there.

Bagels, to me, are the perfect food. You can have them anytime and you can put almost anything on them. They are definitely one of my favorite comfort foods.

When I looked at the CharlotteFive list, I realized that there were a few bagel places I’ve never checked out. Bagel Boat, My Brothers Bagel, and The Original New York Bagels I haven’t tried yet. Poppy’s, Bagel Bin & Deli, and De Coria’s Bagel Shop I have tried. All three are amazing! I’ll drive 30 minutes out of my way for Bagel Bin bagels. Very tasty!

I’m excited that De Coria’s Bagel Shop is on the list as they are located in my hometown of Gastonia. There were some construction issues prior to opening, and it took a while for them to open. Phil would make fun of me because I constantly did check-ups on their opening status while the shop was being built. Yes, I love bagels THAT much!

There have been a few bagel places that have opened in Gastonia, but none of them were successful. I’m hoping De Coria’s will be. The bagels are wonderful and the owners are really nice people. They have an amazing chicken salad that usually sells out quickly. I try to go at least once a month to support a local business and because the owners are so friendly. And, of course, the food rocks! They even have black & white cookies which are a favorite of mine.

If you live or work close to any of the shops listed, definitely check them out! Gotta support local businesses and BAGELS!

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Posted by De Coria’s Bagels on Friday, May 7, 2021