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For years we’ve all heard rumors about fast food places having “secret menus” or “menu hacks.” I remember years ago talking on-air about these specific McDonald’s items. Now the chain is making them a reality for a limited time.

Beginning on January 31st, customers can order the unique pairings that were developed by fans, but according to Yahoo,  they will have to assemble these colossal creations themselves.

The limited-time menu items include the Hash Brown McMuffin (a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and a Hash Brown); a Crunchy Double (a 6 piece Chicken McNuggets combined with BBQ Sauce and a Double Cheeseburger); a Surf + Turf (Filet-O-Fish plus a Double Cheeseburger); and a Land, Air & Sea (made with a Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish).

The Land, Air & Sea is the one I immediately thought of when I read the story on Yahoo. It’s a monster! I’m not sure I could actually eat the whole thing. That being said I do think Phil & I need to try at least one of these items for a “Nasty or Nosh” video.

Prices will vary by region and location according to the company. But you’ll get all the items needed to create the secret menu or hack items.