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Photo by Pips Beer Bread

Early Thanksgiving morning, Phil and I were up early at SouthPark Mall hosting the 34th Annual CPI Security Turkey Trot. The event had an awesome turnout! Lots of participants and vendors on site. One of the vendors was Legion Brewing. Phil and I noticed in the notes for the brewery, they had something called ‘beer bread’ for folks to sample. Of course, you know we had to try it!

While Phil and I were at the event, a young lady and her mom came over and gave Phil and I a loaf of the ‘beer bread’. And then I learned the story behind the bread! Lauren, known as Pip to her family, started making her specialty bread when COVID first hit. While she was in quarantine, she would face time with her aunt, and they’d make stuff together. One day they decided to make bread, and Pip didn’t have yeast. Her aunt suggested she use beer (her dad’s) since yeast is used to make the beverage.┬áPip did just that and her bread was created.

To make her friends and neighbors smile, Pip began giving the bread away. We all know during those first few months of the pandemic were rough! The people that tried the bread loved it, and asked Pip for more. So, she made more and then realized she could start her own business. And that’s what she did.

Did I mention that Pip is only fourteen?! Yup! Fourteen and has a rockin’ bread biz happening locally. And to make her delicious bread, she uses locally made beer from Legion Brewing. I met Pip and her mom, and they’re awesome people. And Pip has spunk and is a go-getter, which I love! Very bright young lady!

And I must tell you; this is some of THE best bread I have ever eaten. And you know I am serious about food! The bread has a sweetness to it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for savory sandwiches and toast. I ate more than a few pieces with just some butter on it. I also used some for French toast this weekend.

The bread is somewhat similar to a sweet cornbread, but not dry. It’s one of those things that once you start eating it, it’s hard to stop. There’s no question that I’ll be ordering more! And not only does Pip make some yummy bread, but she also packages it beautifully. This bread would make an excellent holiday gift for a co-worker or friend.

You can follow Pips Beer Bread on Facebook and on Instagram. If you’d like to place an order, you can send an email to Trust me….you will not be disappointed!