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Well this is a bummer. After more than 20 years on South Blvd. in South End, Fuel Pizza has closed. They shut down the shop at the corner of South and East Blvd on Monday. Sadly, it’s understandable.

According to Axios Charlotte, Fuel’s prime location at 1801 South Blvd. shut down Monday due to their lease agreement being up after more than 20 years. If you’ve driven down South Blvd. lately, you know that the landscape is changing quickly.

There is construction constantly, and big, new buildings are going up quickly. With Charlotte growing at such a rapid rate, I’m sure rental properties are insanely expensive. As with home and apartment rents over the last year, I’m commercial properties have gone up in rent. It sucks because although the growth of the city is great, it is hurting a lot of small businesses.

Axios Charlotte says that a 23-story office building is currently being built across from the Fuel South End location, and another office tower is being built close by. With all the construction and growth, getting into the South End Fuel location is difficult.

The owners of Fuel Pizza are hoping to open a new location somewhere in South End in the future. If you’re a fan of their pizza, you can still check out their location in Plaza Midwood at 1501 Central Ave.

Although it’s been years since I’ve eaten at Fuel Pizza, I wish the folks lots of luck! The pizza is tasty and their shops have always had a cool, laid back vibe.