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Soul food… that’s some of the best food that makes you feel beyond good! It will literally touch your soul, just like the name says, soul food! Soul food is distinctive in Black culture and dates back to slavery. The cuisine mixes ingredients present in America at the time and from the west coast of Africa. The flavor, smell, taste, and just everything will make you melt into your plate and fall asleep right afterward.

Far & Wide is naming the best places in America for Black-owned soul food restaurants. Now, we knew that the south would be home to some great soul food cuisine. Far & Wide added one South Carolina restaurant to the list for one of the best soul food restaurants in the U.S. Can you guess which South Carolina city is home to one of the best soul food restaurants? Far & Wide names Charlene’s Home Cooking in Spartanburg as the No. 3 best soul food restaurant in America. That’s right, No. 3! Charlene’s opened in 2010 and has been serving some of the best soul food in the state. This family-owned spot serves up some true home cooking with recipes passed down through the family. People compare this restaurant to eating Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house and seasoned greatness.

Just writing this made me beyond hungry. Next time you’re in the Spartanburg area, check out Charlene’s and tell us what you think! Soul food is a meal like no other. Wondering what other restaurants you should try? Check out the full list here and tell us what you think.