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Gaston County is growing almost as quickly as Charlotte! There are a ton of new businesses and restaurants opening, and a new place is coming to Mount Holly.  A new beer and barbecue joint is set to open this spring in Mount Holly, and it sounds like it’s gonna be a cool spot!

According to The Charlotte Observer, Firehawk Brewpub will open soon in the historic Mount Holly firehouse. The restaurant is expecting to open in early April, serving in-house brewed beer and classic Southern barbeque. It’s a big place, 6,000 square feet and it’ll have inside and outside seating.

Firehawk Brewpup’s owner, Scott Blackwood, says he’ll offer his personal recipe for traditional North Carolina wood-fired barbecue. “Being in the fire department, it seemed logical that we cook our food on live, wood-fired grills,” Blackwood told CharlotteFive.

There will be a variety of seating and service options for guests, including full-service tables, a walk-up counter, QR code ordering and a bar area. Firehawk Brewpub will also feature a 40+ person patio facing Dutchman’s Creek. There will also be a second patio with 60-70 seats along Main Street. I can tell you that with all the outside seating, this will be a very popular spot this year!

One of the restaurant’s coolest features is the bundle of wood and s’mores kit that folks can purchase. Customers can enjoy it by the creek, giving people the ability to do some fun family activities at the restaurant.

Blackwood is from Mount Holly which gives him the ability to know what local folks like. The menu will feature recipes from his family and friends. One of the most amazing things about this new restaurant is how Blackwood is honoring his late father.  Firehawk Brewpub’s motto is ‘feed everyone’. If you can’t afford your meal, you can put it on Papa Ray’s tab. Folks can donate to Papa Ray’s tab to help feed folks and any extra money on the tab will be donated to charity at the end of the year. I love this idea!

Beer, barbeque, a cool place to hang out and helping others is the perfect combo! I’m all about this place and I’m looking forward to checking it out.  The restaurant will be located at 309 North Main Street in Mount Holly. The restaurant is currently hiring staff and you can get info and keep up with details on when the restaurant will open here.