Holiday Traditions with K104.7

Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Seeing this really makes me wish I lived in a house instead of an apartment. If you’re a fan of the movie “Christmas Vacation”, then this is a must for you this Christmas!

There is now an inflatable “Christmas Vacation RV” for sale. I love it! If you’re familiar with the movie, then you know that the RV belongs to Cousin Eddie. AND you know the most famous quote from Cousin Eddie is, “Merry Christmas! Sh**ers full!” It’s hard NOT to hear that line when you see this inflatable.

The inflatable RV stands at about 4-feet tall and is pre-lit with energy-efficient LED lights so everyone in the neighborhood can see it. It’s also self-inflatable so all you have to do is plug it in.  This will probably annoy your neighbors if they’re like “Margo and Todd” from the movie. LOL!

Excellent yard decoration for you to gaze upon when you need a small break from all the family. Pictures and details can be found here.