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Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Porch piracy is out of control in America. The New York Times reports that 1.7 million delivered packages are stolen every day. Read that sentence again. That┬árepresents more than $25 million in lost goods nationwide. Approximately 90,000 deliveries disappear daily in New York City alone. Charlotte certainly isn’t immune.

What can you do to stop porch pirates from stealing packages from your home when you’re not there? I’ve had valuable packages delivered to the office because I knew they would be safe here. Just make sure your boss is okay with that. Also consider using delivery lockers or in-store pick-up options. The NYPD has some other suggestions, too:

There’s even a way you can make porch pirates work for you. If you’re trying to de-clutter your home but don’t have time to take your junk to the dump, just put it in an old Amazon box and leave it outside your front door. The porch pirates can literally take it from there.