Holiday Traditions with K104.7

Jill Wellington/Pexels

In the U.S., children traditionally put out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It’s probably why he’ll always have to shop in the Big & Tall section. But kids in other countries do things a little differently.

Children in Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands believe that Santa’s sleigh is pulled by horses rather than reindeer, so they leave carrots and hay out for the horses to boost their energy for their trip around the world.

German children don’t leave snacks at all. Instead, they write letters decorated with sparkles and markers for the Christmas angel. Those are then replaced with gifts before the kids wake up.

Believe it or not, kids in some countries leave booze out for Santa on his big night. In Australia, where Christmas is a summer holiday, they swap the milk for a cold glass of beer. Irish children typically leave a pint of Guinness near the tree for Father Christmas. Little ones in England class it up a bit with a glass of sherry and a slice of mince pie.

Now we know what makes “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” so jolly!

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images