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Alan Hardman/Unsplash

Pizza and college students go together like beer and college students. But how much valuable studying time do kids waste going out to get their pizzas? And if they call for delivery, there’s always the risk if getting a cold pizza. Those problems have been solved at the University of North Florida.

One residence hall at the Jacksonville school now has a Pizza ATM. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Insert your payment and, with the touch of a button, a pre-made refrigerated pizza is heated up and dispensed in mere minutes.

With boxed pizza in hand, students can return to their books…or whatever…in a fraction of the time that it used to take to get a pie, and all without having to leave the dorm.┬áBrilliant! The Cincinnati-based company behind the Pizza ATM has been installing them at colleges around the country. Are they available for radio stations?

Pizza ATM Video

Fresh, hot pizza available 24/7 right down the hall from your room sounds like a busy college student's dream come true. This is now a reality at UNF as we have recently installed a pizza vending machine in one of the residence halls on campus.