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Fresh meat might be in shorter supply these days but you can still find plenty of foods at the supermarket that can be kept for many months in your pantry. Grab a few on your next shopping trip so that you won’t have go to the store as often in the event of another Stay-at-Home Order.

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Better Homes & Gardens compiled a list of over 40 foods that can be stored for a year or two. For example, dried beans, brown rice, instant coffee, flour, jams, oats, and spaghetti will all last about one year if left cool and dry. Canned foods, as well as other kinds of pasta, peanut butter, white rice, powdered drinks, and sugar can sit on the shelf for two years or more.

There are some foods you should avoid storing for too long that might not be obvious at first glance. Keep an eye on the “best by” dates for baby food and formula, baking powder and soda, and yeast. Those actually expire and go bad.

You can see the complete list here. I, for one, will be taking that list with me on my next grocery run.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images