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Ina Garten is one of my favorite chefs! I’d love to live in the Barefoot Contessa’s basement and be a food taster for her delicious dishes. She’s a pleasure to watch on the Food Network and her cookbooks are awesome. Every Barefoot Contessa recipe I’ve made has been so tasty!

Recently Garten posted a picture on her Instagram of actress Emily Blunt’s roasted potato recipe. She let her fans know that she was sharing the recipe on her recipe. Apparently the recipe looked TOO good because it crashed Garten’s website.

Emily Blunt originally made these potatoes on The Barefoot Contessa show on the Food Network back in 2018 and the recipe will be included in Garten’s new cookbook “Modern Comfort Food” which will be released on October, 6. Note to self…….get this book!

I’ve been making roasted potatoes for years, so I was interested to get the details on this recipe. The recipe is very close to the one I make, but Blunt has a trick to making her potatoes extra crispy. The potatoes are cooked on a baking rack (or a cookie cooler as I refer to it)  AHHHHHHH! Smart! I make oven fried chicken this way which ensures all sides of the chicken are crispy.

This recipe is easy to make and you only need four ingredients. The photo looks so darn tasty that I’ve decided I’m making these this weekend! I can’t see my mom for Mother’s Day so I’ll make myself a “Mother’s Day” meal. I’m a dog mom….that counts!

You can check out the recipe here. This may make a great side dish for mom if you plan on cooking for her on Sunday. These would even work for breakfast! Just looking at this pic is making me hungry. This look amazing!