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Zach Kadolph/Unsplash

“No, no, no, that doesn’t go in your mouth.”

Every parent has said those words dozens, if not hundreds of times. Everything and anything is fair game in the eyes of a toddler. It’s one thing if it happens at home, but even more concerning in the sandbox or at the seashore.

Why do children insist on eating sand? Is it because they think it’s sugar? One thing is for sure: whatever is mixed up in the sand on the playground or at the beach is not something that should be ingested by humans.

Enter clever parents. According to Taste of Home, frustrated moms and dads have come up with a way to make those sandy snacks safe. And it’s easy to make with the one food that toddlers can’t get enough of: Cheerios.

Parents are putting Cheerios in the blender to create edible sand. They aren’t just making the sand; they’re also putting together little beach scenes for their kids to explore and devour.

Warning: Due to the inevitable mess, parents on TikTok advise you to keep the edible sand outside. That last thing you want is an infestation of insects in the playroom. Remember, toddlers will put anything in their mouths. Also, the next time you do go to the beach or playground, you may have to remind your little one that pulverized Cheerios are not a part of the natural landscape.

Keystone/Getty Images