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Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Easter may be over but Cadbuy Creme Eggs are still around. Although it’s been a while since I ate a Cadbury Creme Egg, I still remember how sweet they are. Most normal folks wouldn’t be able to eat more than two or three in one sitting, forget about over 20. But there’s a guy that’s managed to do that.

Max Stanford runs the Maxvsfood YouTube channel, took on an incredible egg food challenge earlier this week. He ate more than four dozen Cadbury Creme eggs some water and milk to help him wash them down. Revealing the toughest part of the challenge Max said: “It was definitely the shell, you’d think they’d not be too bad – I even thought that after eating one beforehand in about 10 seconds easily.”

Standford says the sugar rush gets ya at about 20 eggs. Really? Cause one does it for me! And sugar’s the least of your worries when kickin’ back 24 of these bad boys. Total caloric intake of 24 Cadbury Creme Eggs is 17,750. THAT is a lot of calories!

If you’re like me and you’re wondering how Standford felt the next day, he said not great! However despite the hard core sugar headache he dealt with the next day, he says he’s glad he did it as it was a childhood dream come true. Just thinking of eating that many sugar filled eggs makes my stomach hurt.

Here’s the proof he really knocked ’em back. Congrats to Standford…I think!


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