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Woman Eats 50 Chili Dogs in 22 Minutes!

Sure, Nathan’s has their own hot dog eating contest, but one Michigan bar has their own CHILI dog competitors. A woman visited The Corner Bar in Rockford, Michigan and managed to down 50 chili dogs in just 22 minutes! This achievement got this woman’s name, Molly Schyuler, on the wall with thousands of others who have woofed down chili dogs. Any person who can eat 12 chili dogs within a four hour span gets their name placed on the bar’s walls. How many chili dogs do you think you could eat in four hours? Would you ever try competitive eating?

All this talk of Hot Dog’s, clearly a food group unto itself, got me thinking. Who do you think has the best Hot Dogs in the Carolina’s based on your experience? I’ve listed the places that I have tried and the places below are not necessarily in any order and certainly incomplete. These are just to get the conversation started. Some videos below. The bottom one is “How It’s Made” on Hot Dogs. Watch that one last!

Green’s Lunch

Vic, The Chili Man

Mr. C’s

Pinky’s Westside Grill

Matt’s Chicago Dog

What-A-Burger/Concord (no website)

JJ’s Red Hots

Let’s get this DOG off the porch and have a “FRANK” conversation to see what you think about HOT DOGS!

Hot Dog World | NC Weekend | UNC-TV

In honor of National Hot Dog Month, meet the owners of what could be one of the most popular hot dog joints in the state.Hendersonville, NC

Southern Weekend at JJ Red Hots in Charlotte, NC

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National Hot Dog Day with the "Chili Man"

Here's how to make a great chili dog for National Hot Dog Day (or any time) from Victor Werany, the "Chili Man".

How It's Made - Hot Dogs

Show created by Gabriel Hoss.The show is presented on the Science Channel in the US, Discovery Channel Canada in Canada, and on the Discovery Channel in the ...