Jack Daniel

Panther's New Owner David Tepper!

I watched today's 11 a.m. Press Conference from BOA Stadium and I must say that I was impressed with David Tepper. He's clear, concise and called BS on any question that was too "crystal ball" in origin.

"Ocean's 8" Tops "Solo" in Box Office Debut

As a fan of the "Ocean's" franchise, except for "Ocean's 12" (What were they thinking?...wait, they weren't), I was anticipating the all female "Ocean's 8" with curiosity and great hope. Hope that the all female "twist" would be done well and their feats of con game slight of hand would be believable and not cheesy.

Please Don't Say "Happy Memorial Day"

I grew up in this area and if you did too, you may remember that this upcoming holiday used to be referred to as "Confederate Memorial Day". Every year my elementary school class would walk from the school to downtown Concord and lay flowers at the base of the Confederate Memorial located in front of…

Race Week(s) in Charlotte

It's here! Two exciting weeks of NASCAR in Charlotte. With the loss of superstars from the sport over the last few years, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and most recently, Dale Jr., and the rumored sale of NASCAR by the France family, just how much trouble is the sport in?