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USVI Wine Company, NOW OPEN near downtown Concord, N.C.

For those who live in Concord, N.C. like me, there’s always been a building on South Union Street near uptown. My entire life it’s been the American Red Cross. One day as I drove by I noticed a sign that said USVI Wine. Since I’m a wine drinker I was curious when USVI would open. Last Wednesday they unofficially opened their doors.

This past Saturday, my wife and I stopped in for a visit that ended up lasting about two hours. We did a 5 wine tasting for $10 and ended up each getting a glass of our favorite one and taking home two bottles. We met the two owners, Genia Vanterpool, who was born in St. Thomas and is the winemaker, and Deidra-Ann Varlack who handles events and aesthetics, and hails from St. John. The islands were purchased by the U.S. for 25 million in 1917. Read more about The U.S. Virgin Islands HERE

Genia and Deidra-Ann have been making and selling wine for awhile around the area as more of a mobile wine tasting business in homes for special events, but had been wanting to establish a “brick & mortar” wine room. Once you see what they’ve done to transform the old American Red Cross facility at 167 South Union Street, you will be amazed. The video below documents how it looked when they got it. The gallery below the video shows the “after”.

We enjoyed their wine and we enjoyed their stories about how their partnership came to be. You will enjoy it too. They are famous for doing things like “Sip & Paint” wine events, and the “Unwine” event, that pairs some relaxing yoga with wine. You had me at wine.

People of Concord, especially wine fans, need to discover and support USVI Wine Company. As you can see from the photo gallery, it’s beautiful. We wish them nothing but great success. The basement will soon be a private event room. After seeing those pictures of how it turned out, USVI Wine Company is destined to become great destination for people who share a love for wine.

Visit themĀ  www.usviwineco.com

Call to arrange a wine event NOW 980-229-3454 and ask for Deidra-Ann.

Facebook: @usviwineco

Instagram: usvi_wine_co

USVI Wine Company