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Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Steve Martin in Only Murders In The Building

Just 5 episodes into the second season, Hulu’s original series “Only Murders In The Building” grabs 17 Emmy nominations.

At my house, we’re hooked and became hooked on Season 1, Episode 1. The half hour comedy, mystery stars Steve Martin (who also co-created), Martin Short and Selena Gomez and features great cameos from Sting and Amy Schumer so far. As always, Nathan Lane adds to anything he’s in. The story is is set in NYC at The Arconian, an historic apartment building where the characters reside. In season one, a murder in the building spawns a “podcast” about the murder mystery done by the 3 main characters. They decide early on that their podcast is not about any murder, but “Only Murders In The Building”

It’s funny, smart, well written and is deserving of every accolade that can be heaped upon it. Hulu post new episodes every Tuesday. Join the party. No need to miss out.