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Inflation concept, 3D Illustration

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe the U.S. is either in a recession or headed for one. According to a new Harvard-CAPS Harris poll, a whopping 84 percent of registered voters said the economy was in a recession or would enter one soon. Only 16 percent believed the U.S. would avoid a recession. The numbers appear to back up voter fears – U.S. GDP has dropped in each of the last two quarters – which is a popular benchmark for a recession for some economists. Do you think we’re in a recession?  How long do you expect it to last?

A new jobs report is out tomorrow August 5th and is expected to be positive. Gas prices have declined for 52 straight days in a row, but people are still struggling with the costs of food and the Federal Reserve has purposefully raised interest rates to slow the economy so it can recover. K104.7 is offering you a chance to WIN $5,000 to help with groceries. Enter Here

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