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A few years ago, I remember seeing a trailer for the movie “Crimson Peak” and thought…”NO WAY” am I seeing this. I stayed away from the theater but later caught it on streaming while home sick one day and LOVED it! Just goes to show that sometimes you just don’t know if something is for you until you see it.

“The Invitation”, although set in different times, struck me as “creepy” and “sinister” which is exactly why I will not miss this movie. This is one I want to see in the theater. I usually avoid movies in big, old houses. In many ways a scary setting is more intimidating than the people in it, even though a house can’t hurt you….or CAN IT! LOL

You can probably guess the reason for “The Invitation” from watching this trailer, but I can’t imagine you won’t still be scared watching the film. Enjoy, uncomfortably.