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Julia Raketic/Shutterstock

Who says Halloween costumes are just for people and pets? Why not get your car in on the fun? A guy who goes by nate_rider_svt on TikTok shows how you can install some bloody teeth on the grill.

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The step-by-step process of attaching these DIY Halloween decorations doesn’t look that hard. It looks like all he used was some foam board, fake blood, and adhesive strips. A little measuring, cutting, and splattering is about all it takes. The final result looks great and I’m pretty sure everyone will get out of your way when you’re coming down the road.


My Mustang is hungry for some crowds this Halloween 😂🏎💨 #halloween #halloween2021 #car #cars #decoration #cartok #fyp creds: @Elyse Janes

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