Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

People across America are already feeling anxious about cooking their Thanksgiving turkey dinner. It’s the reason the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line exists. We need help getting it right. And since most of us roast whole turkeys only once a year, that anxiety is an annual treat. But one appliance maker is promising to make it all better.

What if you could be guaranteed to cook your Thanksgiving turkey perfectly? According to The Verge, GE Appliances says they can help make that happen with their Smart Oven, which has a new ‘Turkey Mode.’ All you have to do is place the bird in the roasting pan and slide it into a cold oven. Before you close the door, you insert a temperature probe built into the oven and set it for “Turkey Mode.” That’s it.

The Smart Oven calculates the cook time based on your turkey’s weight and, using its advanced culinary algorithms, brings the bird to a safe 170 degrees. You can even monitor the turkey’s progress on your smartphone via the GE Appliances SmartHQ app. How do you know when it’s done? The oven timer says “Gobble, gobble.” That alone might be the reason to buy one.