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We all know the dish ran away with the spoon, but what happened to the fork? It appears that someone has stolen a nine-foot stainless steel fork in Frankville, Ontario. According to CTV News, the oversized utensil had been a landmark in the small town for the last two years. Quite suitably, it was bolted to a rock at a fork in the road where Leacock Road splits off from Kitley Line 8 Road.

Someone must not have liked the fork because, before it went missing, it had already been bent. Then, before the roadside attraction could be repaired, it disappeared. Now the townsfolk are searching for their flatware.

Frankville resident Bill Gibbons, who commissioned the fork in 2019, is very disappointed. So is the town’s mayor, Brant Burrow. He says “It’s quirky, it’s unique, it’s really fun and when it went missing it was a real gut-punch. It’s so senseless.”

The artist, Chris Banfalvi, spent months fabricating the fork and says, if he has to, he’ll make a new one. In the meantime, Banfalvi has scrap yards and other locations on the lookout.

While a police report has been filed, Bill Gibbons says, “They should just return it. Drop it off in the middle of the night for all I care, and we can put it back up.” But the question remains, who are they?