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Have we entered the golden age of fast food? New brands are popping up every day. The menus are getting more varied and interesting, especially with all of the healthier options available to us now. Even the ways in which we get our fast food are evolving. Soon, autonomous delivery robots will be ubiquitous, but the drive-thru isn’t going away. In fact, it just got better.

As we previously reported, Taco Bell has been developing a futuristic drive-thru design. The chain’s first-ever Taco Bell Defy location is now open in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. According to The Verge, the high-tech drive-thru promises to serve customers in as little as two minutes…maybe even less.

Taco Bell Defy features two stories perched over four lanes. Customers can use digital check-in scanners or have a more traditional drive-thru experience. The concept definitely prioritizes ordering via app. Everyone will access audio and video screens to talk with employees, and food is delivered in a vertical lift. It looks a little bit like a bank drive-thru, only more delicious.

The company has suggested that similar drive-thru concepts could start popping up nationwide in the future. The vertical lift looks like its the perfect size for a Mexican Pizza. I may have to change my summer vacation plans from a week at the Outer Banks to a swing through Minnesota. Here’s a look at the new Taco Bell Defy: