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(Photo by Eric Kayne/Getty Images)

We might have problems with crime in the U.S., but law enforcement officers in the UK are dealing with a whole other animal. Literally. The victim? A DIY store called B&Q, which is similar to Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

According to UPI, police in Norwich, England were called to the home improvement store when the security alarm went off after hours last Saturday night (7/23). Naturally, they expected to find a theft in progress, and they did, but the identity of the robber was a bit of a surprise.

A squirrel had set off the alarm. But this was no innocent mistake. The little critter was ripping off the DIY store. Before Norwich’s finest could apprehend the suspect, it had taken off with ill-gotten nuts and birdseed.

The police posted a photo of the culprit at the crime scene on Twitter with a caption that read โ€œhe was too quick and nimble for us and got away!โ€ Click on the tweet below to see the full scope of the shocking and incriminating evidence.