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(Photo by Robert A. Sabo/Getty Images)

The Upper Midwest got a lot of snow this winter and there’s more to come later this week. One good thing about getting dumped on with so much snow is that your grandpa can build a winter wonderland for you. A grandfather in Minnesota spent 80 hours doing exactly that in his backyard.

According to Good Morning America, Steve Blees of Shafer, Minnesota, is retired and spends his time caring for his grandchildren. That caring includes creating cool things for them to play with like a massive 200-foot long sledding course. And his grandkids are loving it! Steve even lined the course with Christmas lights.

Steve’s daughter, Nicole Warner, posted a video on TikTok of her dad putting the finishing touches on the course before the kids put it through its paces. Nicole says that when she was growing up, Steve would build ice rinks for them, but this was his first sledding course. The kids have dubbed it the “Papa Bear Plunge” after their grandfather.

Many of the commenters on TikTok are calling Steve the “best grandpa ever,” but for him it’s the joy he sees on his grandkids’ faces that makes it all worth it. Nicole says the kids will keep on using it until the snow melts, which could be a while in Minnesota. “They have spent hours sledding already, and plan to use it for the rest of the winter,” Nicole says. “Their reactions have been priceless, smiles from ear to ear.”