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You won’t see this case on an episode of ‘Law & Order’ or on any true crime show, but the mugshot is so cute you gotta check out the story!

A police dog in Wyandotte, Michigan has been accused of stealing a fellow officer’s lunch. The incident happened on January 12, according to CBS.

The Wyandotte Police Department posted on Facebook that ‘Stealing is not only a crime, but it is morally wrong too. Some┬ájobs, like that of being a police officer, require you to take an oath prior to starting. Within the officer’s sworn oath is the promise to protect a person’s property.”

According to the Department, Officer Bartwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he received a call to assist another officer in the the building. He left his lunch on the table. When he returned, his lunch was gone!

Once returning to the breakroom, Officer Bartwig and another officer found Officer Ice strolling out of the breakroom, licking his mouth. Obviously, Officer Ice, a police dog, was busted. Officer Ice has been accused several times of taking food out of his coworker’s hands as they walk by. Shameful!

No word on Officer Ice’s punishment. You can check out the department’s Facebook page to follow up.