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The Facebook app logo is displayed on an iPad next to a picture of the Facebook logo on an iPhone on August 3, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

A woman in the UK has social media users begging for more information after she commented on a Facebook video posted by a restaurant in the village of Westbourne. According to The Mirror, Spice Cottage posted the video showing tables full of people enjoying their meals, as you can see below. Lucy Watson asked when the video was taken because she claims to have spotted her husband in it. Here’s the thing: her husband died nine years ago.

Lucy Watson’s exact comment was, “How old is the footage? My late husband and his son are on the first shot and he died in 2014??” Old videos are used all the time, but the owners of the Indian restaurant responded and said that the video “was recorded last week.” How can that be?

Neither the Watson nor Spice Cottage has said any more about it, and commenters are desperate to know more about the situation. Some folks have come up with their own theories, including one that the video and Watson’s comment are part of a bizarre marketing ploy. Another commenter claimed that Lucy Watson’s Facebook account was fake.

Did Lucy Watson really see her husband in the video? Was it his ghost? Did he fake his own death nine years ago? I’m leaning toward the idea that the restaurant used old video footage for the ad but, for whatever reason, said it was new. And maybe it is just some roundabout social media marketing. I’m fairly certain that if Lucy Watson’s husband had gone to all the trouble of faking his own death, he wouldn’t have stayed so close to home.

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Posted by Spice Cottage on Monday, January 16, 2023