How do we break the habit of reaching for the phone as soon as we open our eyes in the morning? (Photo: lithiumcloud/Getty Images)

Most of us are guilty of checking our phones as soon when we wake up in the morning. It’s not good for us. Think about it. Why begin your day with a big dose of negativity and stress from scrolling through social media and news apps?

I certainly struggle with this. Every morning, my phone, which is also my alarm clock, wakes me up at 6:00. Because I reach over to silence it, the phone is immediately in my hand and the wasting of time begins. I feel like I could be more productive throughout the day if I simply reset the way I start my mornings.

So how do we break this bad habit of reaching for the phone as soon as we open our eyes? Huffington Post asked some experts for advice. The first tip goes back to something I already mentioned: stop using the phone as an alarm clock. That seems like half the battle!

5 Ways To Stop Checking Your Phone First Thing In The Morning

  1. Use an alarm clock that isn’t your phone. If you’re touching your phone first thing in the morning, it’s easy to get sucked in. Using a traditional alarm clock gets rid of this temptation.
  2. Keep your phone in another room at night. If your phone isn’t your alarm clock, it doesn’t even need to be in your bedroom.
  3. Pick a morning ritual that lights you up. Choose something first thing in the morning that you’ll look forward to doing, and that will distract you from your phone. This could be going outside, reading a book, exercising, journaling, or preparing food.
  4. Change up your phone’s lock screen and home screen. This one sounds a little trickier. Choose a screen that “encourages resistance” like an inspirational quote or a question.
  5. Set up app restrictions for the early morning hours. There are built-in settings on your phone, like ScreenTime/Downtime on iPhones and Digital Wellbeing/Focus Mode on Androids. Sometime we have to parent ourselves.

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