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We’ve all heard the saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, this picture is worth WAY more than that! A former co-worker and friend of mine recently took a trip and while he was in the Spokane airport, he took an interesting picture that is leaving us with so many questions.

All airports are great people watching spots. But I’ll admit that I’ve never seen anything like this. So, my friend Brad, who lives in Spokane, Washington was at the airport. He’s currently in Hawaii on vacation. While he was in the airport, he took a picture of a woman in a robe and posted it on his Instagram page.

The woman in the robe looks like she’s still in her pajamas with a robe over them. It looks like she has no bra on, she’s wearing flip flops and in one hand has a carry-on bag. There are two little girls with her dressed cute. But what really got me was that in the woman’s other hand, she’s carrying a flat screen television. Yup. Looks to be a 32 inch one, or something close to that.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I don’t look great all the time! When I’m home I’m usually in shorts or sweatpants and I’ll rock a hat most of the weekend. I’ll go to the grocery store with no makeup on and I don’t care. Even when I come to work, I’m not dolled up. Phil can attest to that! But if I’m going outside of my house, I’m not wearing a robe. And if I’m going somewhere like an airport, I’m at least putting a bra on!

But let’s forget about the woman’s attire for a minute. Can we focus on the television? Who the hell is bringing a flat screen T.V. with them on an airplane? And where is it going? There’s no way it’ll fit in the overhead compartment and I’m pretty sure the airlines won’t let you fly with it in your lap. And who brings there damn T.V. with them on vacation?

Have you ever been somewhere, like an airport, and just make up backstories for people walking by? That’s what I’m thinking folks are doing when they see this picture. I have so many questions! Did she buy an extra seat for the T.V.? How far is she flying with that thing? I could go on and on.

What do you think of this? Have you seen anything like this in an airport?

Robe woman airport

Photo by Brad M


Airport robe woman

Photo by Brad M


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