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A man in Garden City, Kansas was caught fishing with a 9mm handgun and laser sight. (Photo: North Carolina State Parks/Getty Images)

There’s an old expression: “Shooting fish in a barrel.” It means that something is ridiculously easy. It is not, however, meant to be taken literally. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has had to remind residents that fishing with guns is illegal. And dangerous.

According to CNN, a man in Garden City, Kansas was ticketed on May 5th for not having a fishing license. But that wasn’t the biggest problem. Even if he had purchased a license, it would not have absolved him of his other crime. The man was also cited for using “illegal means to capture fish.” More specifically, he was caught fishing with a 9mm handgun and laser sight.

The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Game Warden in Finney County posted on Facebook: “As a reminder firearms are not a legal means to take fish. Shooting at a body of water can be a dangerous activity because bullets can ricochet off the surface of the water.”

For the record, you can shoot fish in Kansas, just not with a gun. Non-sport fish may be taken with a crossbow or bow and arrow with a line attached, in addition to the more traditional rod and reel.

I love to fish but no pistols, rifles, shotguns, or bazookas for me. I’m strictly a rod-and-reel man. However, I recently found an abandoned bamboo cane rod underneath my house. You don’t even use a reel with one of those. It’s Tom Sawyer-style fishing. I’ve rigged up a line and will attempt to catch something using that more primitive method this spring and summer.