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Hockey players are big on nicknames. The late Gordie Howe was nicknamed “Mr. Hockey.” Wayne Gretzky is still known as “The Great One.” Then there are “Super Mario” Lemieux and Sid “The Kid” Crosby. While she’s certainly no kid, Linda Sinrod is definitely young at heart and should have a nickname, too.

According to Guinness World Records, Linda Sinrod is officially the world’s oldest female ice hockey player ever. Sinrod is 82, and she’s still playing.

The Lorton, Virginia resident was a figure skater as a college student before getting hooked on ice hockey at age of 35. Most hockey players are hanging it up by then, but Linda was just getting started.

Sinrod later became a founding member of the first female ice hockey team in Washington, DC. At age 75, she was asked to leave the team because she couldn’t keep up, so now she plays in a league that chooses teams twice a year.

As for how she got in the record book, Sinrod says, “I’ve always been the oldest person playing, so I have always even curious as to how old the oldest female oldest female hockey player was and eventually as I got to be 80, I checked Guinness World Records to see how old the oldest was.”

By her own admission, Sinrod may not be as quick on the ice as she once was, but you have to give her a lot of credit for continuing to get out there. So back to that nickname. How about “Linda Legend?”