Coronavirus Information Report

Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

The gym is closed, we’re under a “stay at home” order, and those snacks are starting to add up. How are you getting exercise?

We’re still allowed to walk and run outside, and my dog is grateful for that. My wife and I have been running on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and at McAlpine Creek Park, weather permitting. But what if it’s raining and you want to work out? That’s when technology can save the day.

Self has compiled a list of free fitness apps to help you stay healthy while hunkered down in your home and, in many cases, you don’t even need any equipment. They include yoga, strength training, and cardio workouts from brands such as Adidas, Gold’s Gym, Nike, Peloton, and Under Armour. Check them out HERE.

Elly Fairytale/Pexels