This 100% works for sharks when you in the North Carolina mountains, but is a big NO for when you see a shark.

It’s about to be Shark week, and North Carolina has had its fair share of deadly shark attacks. As beach season is among us, many North Carolinians are venturing out to our beautiful coastline for some much-needed R&R.

According to recent 2020 data, there were three unprovoked shark attacks that accorded in North Carolina waters. In total, unprovoked bites by the state were Hawaii, 5, and California, 4 with single incidents in Alabama, Delaware, Maine, Oregon, and South Carolina. These numbers include one fatality each in California, Hawaii, and Maine, a first for the state. You can see the full map of logged shark attacks since 1935 here.

In North Carolina, there have been ten fatal shark attacks reported along the state’s coastline since 1864, according to the map. So overall, the likelihood that you will be attached to a shark when swimming in North Carolina is very slim. However it does happen, and if you find yourself face to face with a  shark while swimming in the water, here are some important safety tips to follow.

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