Nope, not today. I would have cried if I saw this big snake in the street. But you know what…New Yorkers aren’t surprised by much when they are walking down the street. Many will say they’ve seen just about everything you can imagine. But – what about this?!

On Sunday, a woman spotted a large, non-native snake slithering into a storm drain in the Nanuet area of Clarkstown.
She took a video of the sizable serpent on the move. According to News12, Bridget Moschetti, of New City, spotted the snake on Sunday and said it was the circumference of her thigh. “When I saw it going into the drain, I was like, that’s somebody’s pet going down the drain. I can’t do anything because I don’t have any snake-handling experience, Maybe by recording it, somebody will recognize it with experience and say they will pull it out of the drain or something” she says.

A police officer and a reptile expert were called in to wrangle the snake from inside the drain. Officials say they suspect it was a pet that escaped or was abandoned by its owner. It was safely removed and given a new home — off the streets.

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