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I’ve mentioned numerous times that I am not a fashionista. Today I look like one of the ‘Bad News Bears’ from 1976. Wide leg jeans, a tee, and retro white tennis shoes. Most of the time I dress like a teen boy when I come to work, I won’t lie. And yet, I still know enough about fashion to know that THIS is total crap. There’s a fashion house selling women’s underwear for an outrageous price.

According to the New York Post, Balenciaga (never heard of them), is a European fashion house that is now selling ribbed jersey briefs for $225 A PAIR! Basically, the company is selling good-ole cotton granny panties for a ridiculous amount of money. And it gets worse. You can’t wash them. They have to be dry cleaned. WTH?! Seriously?!

Now, I realize most regular people have no interest in these nor will they buy them. Especially since you can get some solid granny panties from Hanes Her Way on Amazon for like $20. And they can go in the washing machine! If you’re wondering, they do have some cheaper undies for about $150. Again, WTH?!

I just like to share these crazy stories when I see them. Because, someone will buy them. And that just boggles my mind. But hey, to each their own. If you wanna wear undies you have to take to the dry cleaner, you better make sure you have some cheap back-ups!