There are just so many reasons to love dogs, but this story pointing out the quirks that some dogs have is the best reason this week. All dogs do silly or crazy things. Kramer will sit in my closet like he’s guarding my shoes. An old roommate of mine had a German Shepherd that would carry around one of his shoes when he wasn’t home. It was like the dog’s security blanket.

Four years ago, Katrina Frank noticed that her dog Jakey had a very odd habit: the German Rottweiler loved to stand guard of the family’s . . . sliced bread. Yup. Bread.

Frank says that she would come home from work and Jakey would be in full-on guarding mode, watching over the family’s packages of bread. She says that since the family used bread a lot, Jakey must have thought it was quite important. Frank began putting the bread in different places: in the bread box, back on the counter, in the pantry, and Jakey would always find it!

Whenever the family comes home, Jakey insists on showing them where the bread stash is. And if they are out of bread? Jakey will move on to baked goods. The 6-year-old dog even opened up a Tupperware of cookies and hid all 17 of them throughout the house.

The best part about this story is that Jakey never eats the bread, just guards it. I get it! There are many of us that have a complicated relationship with carbs. Check out Jakey in action. Love it!


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