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Melany Myers

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I love Halloween! As a teen, a large group of us would drive 30 minutes away to Startown to go to a haunted house. Every year while I was in high school, we made the trek. It’s a fond memory! If you dig Halloween, you may want to travel a few miles to catch some spooky events.

As a kid, my parents would take us to a haunted house that was on Morehead St. here in Charlotte. I think the Jaycees put it on.  The first time I went through it was my first experience with a haunted house. I was about 6 or 7 years old. I had a huge fear of Dracula! My dad was carrying me through the house, and a vampire jumped out in front of us. Apparently, I punched the Dracula in the nose and as a result, the haunted house was stopped for a bit. Obviously, we had to leave. LOL! It’s a memory I’ll always have of Halloween.  has a list of 12 haunted attractions worth seeing in or around Charlotte for 2020. The first one on this list is in my hometown of Gaston County. The Belmont AquaWave Express Car Wash will have your car clean and leave you with a scream! Expect fog, flashing lights, and a few of your favorite horror movie characters. Hold it together so you don’t need the inside of your car cleaned! They’re open now through Halloween.

I’ve never checked this one out, but the description sounds wild! The 901 Nightmare is an outdoor attraction in South Carolina. You wander deep into the woods, facing your worst nightmares. This outdoor maze of terror takes you through decrepit shacks, old barns, and even an abandoned insane asylum. The entire attraction is about 20 minutes long.

This year haunted trails will be the way to go. Regular haunted houses will have a harder time due to the pandemic. There’s a huge list of haunted attractions all over North Carolina here. I know lots of folks enjoying traveling to experience Halloween fun. Enjoy!