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Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It’s been scientifically proven that animal videos can help improve your mood. This one will do it for sure! A couple recorded their engagement on a beach and the video has gone viral due to the excitement of their dog.

A golden retriever runs around wildly to celebrate his dad proposing to his mom during what was supposed to be a family picture of the three of them on the beach. The dog is feeding off his parent’s energy. The first thing he does is dig a hole. He then runs around the beach. Zoomies is the appropriate term for how he reacts.

I know there are studies that say dogs feed off human emotions and I totally believe that’s true. Yesterday I had a medical procedure (colonoscopy) and my dog Kramer snuggled up to my belly the day before my procedure and yesterday after the procedure. It’s as if he knew I was having stomach issues. Last night he snuggled up beside me and put his head on my belly. It was too sweet!

Although there isn’t much about this couple in the video, I’m hoping they will make their sweet dog a part of their wedding. He’d make a great ring bearer!

This video is pure joy! Enjoy!